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Around the Fez

This trip to Morocco was the most emotional trip for last few years. I went there to do surprise to my husband and I spend the best week foe last year. I told you before, that I like Morocco, but…



Long time I didn’t post anything here. Was busy with the editing of commercial projects and forgot about my soul, about Morocco.


Fez, Old Medina

I have hug reds of pictures which I would like to share and it is so difficult choose only few to show on my web site. More details about my adventure in Fez you can find on my Facebook page.


Food photography

I have start my new educational course of food photography. Now I should be careful, because after the shooting you have the option to eat all food!)) Foo


1001 night

My beautiful Princes of arabia! It was really god experience. Not sure if I will do the same in desert. Unfortunately you cannot control anything there and desert had a lot of surprised for us! I think that day I…


Karina and Sergey

Young couple leaving in Dubai decide to married. We had 3 hours of photo shooting in Russian consulate and Royal Mirage Hotel with 3 outfits. It was so easy working with them and next week we will do a love…