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Maternity Photos haven’t always been popular!  I don’t think most of our parents or grandparents hired a photographer to do a maternity photo shoot.  Actually, I think the thought of this probably still seems strange to a lot of people… but times have changed and maternity photos are just another way to document a special and exciting time in our lives.

Specially me when I was pregnant wasn’t sure if I wanted to have photoshoot done… I was afraid I probably looked uncomfortable, clothes weren’t fitting me right, and I just felt LARGE.  However, once I saw them and when I glance back at them today, I am so happy we did it!




If this is your first pregnancy, then the ideal period is 30-34 weeks, if it is second pregnancy, then 28-32 weeks. If you have twins, then you can shoot from the 20th week. But of course everything is individual. Sometimes at 39 weeks you may have a small belly, but better is do not enough postpone the shoot until 35 weeks!
You will be comfortable and easy at this time, after 36 weeks, in most cases, it’s hard on the set. Not all angles are already available and you will feel insecure due to edema and general fatigue. But I will repeat again that everything is individual and actually you can do physical to session whenever you want.


Clothing and footwear for shooting should be in harmony in style and color with the theme of session. In real life life and in the photo, clothes look different.
Perhaps, when choosing cloths for shooting, you should start from the principle “The simplest is better.” A plain white T-shirt will look more stylish than a T-shirt that combines 2 or more colors and has a pattern. A plain dress in style and cut looks plain more profitable than a motley and complex one.
Light or dark clothes will be – depending on the place you choose. Light colors (white, beige, pastel gentle shades of blue, pink, lilac, yellow, etc.) always saying about romantic mood). You can use bright colors if you want to diversify the shooting. In this case, choose strictly plain outfits.


– light lace dresses and tunics, both flying and tight-fitting -flying sundresses from the knee and below (cotton or silk)
– long flying skirts to the floor – beautiful underwear (panties with shorts with frills and lace, an opaque bra, better with a tight cup, airy lace peignoirs)
– various body

-golfs and leggings of various kinds (light colors)

-T-shirt-shorts sets (pajama style)

– short-fitting tummy tops featuring a tummy

-comfortable homemade wool or fur uggs, terry fluffy socks

-sleeveless denim

-vest men’s plain shirt (no prints)

-long knitted or woolen cardigan (plain)



If we are planning to have photoshoot in evening dress I will suggest to have high hills (if possible) – in other cases, depending on the style, you can take off shoes or use ballet shoes, knee-high socks or socks, home uggs (depending on the theme)


-beautiful baby clothes pointing to the gender (blouses, bodysuits)
-baby socks or boots

– soft toys (bunny, bear)

– A special toy, prepared for the birth of a baby (custom-made or heirloom, passing from generation to generation)

– a nipple on a beautiful ribbon, a bottle – cubes with letters (wooden or textile)

– ultrasound photo (in the photo frame or without it) – lollipops, beautiful cupcakes

– balloons (cloud of balloons 25-30 pieces, large balloons from 90 cm)


Makeup must be done by a professional makeup artist. I will recommend you my specialists who I can rely on. It is also advisable to do a hairstyle with a professional, but this is not nessesary. If you can style your hair nicely, then you can do it yourself.


The figure changes even in thin girls, especially legs. Water is retained in the body and this affects the nose, cheeks, arms, legs. Therefore, I always correcting the figure of my clients in Photoshop, because we are girls, we always want to be slim and beautiful. Immediately during the shooting, I try to find perspectives and poses that are beneficial for you, which emphasize your strengths and hide your flaws.

To Book your photo shoot please intact me by WatsApp, SMS, Direct call, Email, etc

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