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Around the Fez

This trip to Morocco was the most emotional trip for last few years. I went there to do surprise to my husband and I spend the best week foe last year.

I told you before, that I like Morocco, but after that trip my heart will stay with this country forever.

I have one friend who just had trip to Agadir and she said it was the worst trip which she had ever in her life. That she didn’t see anything WOW, that all people didn’t like Russians, that everything is dirty and really terrible. Honestly, when I came first time to Casablanca, I was crying 2 days… after that we moved to Marrakech and I stopped crying and start looking around and start like some things. After that we went to Agadir and first time for last few months I felt fresh and even cold. When I came to Essuaira i like everything there already… It was July 2015…

This trip to Morocco I had in April 20016 and this trip was special to see Fez and cities around. This is last pictures from this trip, but i hope one day I will live in Morocco  and will know every corner there. There is miracle…there is spirit…There is my soul. Hope you will enjoy the pictures and can feel how happy I was there!


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